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Let’s stay home!



The colder the region, the warmer the home. Even though cocooning has long been a trend, it has taken on a new dimension and meaning since Corona. We explore this atmospheric concept and some design patterns associated with it... (DE only)

Anything but superficial



Our world is becoming more complex by the day and the list of challenges longer and longer, so all the better if we are not only surrounded by bright minds and innovative ideas, but also by clever materials that can make our lives a little easier.

Coming full circle



Don’t throw away, reuse: Thinking in cycles is becoming increasingly popular. The furniture industry also recognises this, as shown below by some promising concepts. (DE / FR only)

Light, flexible, versatile: functionality in furniture ...



The minimisation of living space due to rising rents and increasing scarceness of supply, as well as the nomadic nature of our mobile society, puts demand on furniture. Here, we present four flexible examples from the Swiss design scene. ( DE / FR

Computer as creator: Artificial intelligence in furniture ...



Artificial intelligence is increasingly relevant, but what does it mean for the design sector? A look at experimental approaches and the first chair produced in series by man and machine. (DE / FR only)

Good furniture, bad furniture?: Criteria for a quality check



How does one recognise high-quality furniture? Is expensive always better? And what lies beneath the surface? Below, a few pointers to avoid being deceived by beautiful appearances when buying furniture (DE / FR only).

In the right light – a short guide to room lighting



Good lighting brings architecture and furnishings together to form a harmonious whole. But how to create the right lighting atmosphere in a room and what to look out for when buying lamps? Read on... (DE / FR only)

Changing interiors over the decades



As two exhibitions on the theme of housing take us on a journey through the last 100 years of interior and living history, a look back opens up new perspectives to us. (DE / FR only)

A breath of fresh air in the Swiss design scene



Creative freedom and innovative ideas meet traditional design approaches. These do not have to be mutually exclusive, as a look at the young Swiss design scene shows – one which is committed to high-quality standards while at the same time living