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Austria goes shopping



One year on from the takeover of Möbel Pfister by XXXLutz: When the Austrian furniture giant acquired the traditional Swiss company at the end of 2019, it caused a sensation. Where does Möbel Pfister stand today? We asked CEO Paul Holaschke. (DE

Corona and the consequences for the furniture industry: ...



Closed shops, unusual trade fairs and delivery bottlenecks – we spoke to Swiss dealers and manufacturers about the effects of the Corona crisis on the furniture industry. There have, however, also been positive developments. (DE only)

Swiss chair design through the decades



A useful piece of furniture or a beloved design object? A chair can be many things. At the same time, it tells us something about the person who designed it, as well as the social and economic context of the times it was designed in. Take a seat! (DE

Material diversity and new production methods



A lamp made from industrial waste or furniture made from mushrooms? The design world has long since discovered a multitude of new materials and innovative manufacturing methods. The results are both surprising and impressive. (DE and FR only)