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The last thing we learn is simplicity.
Theodore L.De Vinne

Controlling fire is a complex process. Simplicity is the fitting answer. Harrie Leenders
adheres to simplicity of style and a focus on fire. The result is reflected in our stoves. We control fire in terms of shape, technique and details. Welcome to Harrie Leenders. For more than 25 years, we as stove makers have had one thing in mind: to build stoves offering

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Simon Keane-Cowell


It's often said that good design is legible design – objects that communicate their use and their usefulness. In the case of premium woodburning-stove manufacturer HARRIE LEENDERS, there's a compelling story behind many of the products, too.


The Firestarters: Harrie Leenders

Simon Keane-Cowell


What do you do if you love fire? Why, head up a fireplace manufacturer, of course. Bart Leenders, son of Harrie Leenders – founder of the eponymous Dutch woodburning-stove producer – knows a thing or two about combustion, heading off regularly