Casalgrande Padana collections

The experience gained in over fifty years of activity and success in the international markets allowed Casalgrande Padana and its Research Centre to make the most of a huge knowledge in the field of ceramics for architecture. Based on this expertise, we have not only constantly developed innovative products, but also explored new avenues and experimented with state-of-the art technological solutions to suit and predict market trends.
As the first company in Italy in the ceramic industry to make porcelain stoneware the core of its production, Casalgrande Padana significantly contributes to the increasing success of this material for either flooring solutions or interior design and outdoor applications.
The array of products Casalgrande Padana offers contains specific and adequate responses to the needs expressed by modern constructions in the most varied fields of application, such as: Façade cladding: from traditional systems to the most sophisticated ventilated wall solutions; Floors and coating solutions for interior architecture; Raised floors for contemporary work environments; Floating floors for exteriors; Industrial flooring and floors for special heavy-duty applications requiring high performances; Reduced-thickness slabs, essentially designed for restoration works and applications requiring lightness, flexibility and versatility; Solutions designed to favour the utmost usability of public spaces and the elimination of architectural barriers through the organization of guide paths for sight-impaired people; Cladding for swimming-pools, with specific solutions and special prices for the different types of installation; Bioactive ceramics, a new and exclusive generation of products with excellent and certified characteristics designed to contribute to the abatement of pollution, self-cleaning and capable of abating the main bacterial strains. With over 1,000 employees, 6 manufacturing sites, in the most qualified ceramic district of the ..


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