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The Waco-group develops and produces translucent and light weight honeycomb structure- and insulation materials. The Waco-group consists of two companies, the Wacotech GmbH & Co. KG and the Wacosystems GmbH & Co. KG. The two companies share their headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. Founded in 1997 by the twin brothers Achim and Oliver Kehl, the company grew and developed over the years, being seen now as market leader in the field of translucent insulation materials (TWD).

Wacotech produces the translucent insulation material and distributes it under the trade name TIMax®. Our TIMax® product line is designed especially for the use in façade systems made from U-profiled glass. The translucent insulation TIMax GL combines light transmittance with good thermal insulation (U-value) of the facade and allows the use of daylight without blending, which is of great importance for sports buildings and also industrial buildings.

Wacosystems produces and distributes our WaveCore® honeycomb structure and all products developed from WaveCore®, like our translucent design panels type ViewPan®. This innovative material can be illuminated from the back and the clear transparent type ViewPan PET offers a partial clear vision. The applications for ViewPan® honeycomb panels are partitions, translucent ceilings, acoustic elements and wall systems for fairs and retail. We also supply system solutions like edge closing of the honeycomb panel and connections to metal components. Our target is to offer finished systems or products of the honeycomb material.

Product group: Partitions / Space dividers Wall coverings Partition systems Architectural systems Surface systems Components Facade systems Heat insulation Cladding panels Glass Polymers Laminates / Composites
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