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TIMax® Mesh

TIMax® Mesh is a white translucent PES mesh fabric. It is usually used as an additional translucent sun protection insert in combination with the glass fiber material TIMax® GL or TIMax® GL-PlusF. It reflects a part of the incoming solar radiation and reduces the solar heat gain in summer and the g-value by up to 30%.

- improved sun protection (g-value)
- light permeability approx. 60%
- UV-stable and up to 80°C temperature stable
- approx. 0,5 mm thickness
- open to vapor diffusion, moisture is not soaked up by material and dries off


TIMax® Mesh and TIMax® Mesh-Decor are white PES-mesh fabrics, which can be colour-coated in all RAL- and NCS-shades and yet remain translucent.

TIMax® Mesh is a light permeable sun protection insert, that is mainly used in combination with our translucent insulation materials TIMax® GL or TIMax® GL-PlusF, if a very good sun protection is required. TIMax® Mesh reduces the solar heat gain coefficient for solar radiation (g-value).

TIMax® Mesh-Decor is a slightly translucent decorative insert for ventilated curtain facades (VCF, curtain wall) and cold facades made from U-profiled glass. The insert provides a decorative visual cover that prevents the view of the underlying thermal insulation or the anchoring ground.

The aforementioned colour-coating of TIMax Mesh and TIMax Mesh Decor provides additional creative possibilities.
Manufacturer Wacotech
Family TIMax® Mesh
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