BURRI public elements AG Zurich: competence in public elements

BURRI public elements
BURRI public elements AG was founded in 1907 in Zurich as locksmith's shop and blacksmith's shop. By now the fourth generation operates the business with production plants in Glattbrugg and its own development and design department. We offer our customers a broad range of products in the field of public elements with in-house developments in numerous versions. Our experience with construction design and the continuous further development of tried and tested systems facilitate diverse synergies. Personal commitment from concept to detail, experience and professional competence are the source of long-lasting business relations.

Public Elements
Those who plan, develop and manufacture for the public space take on a great responsibility as the various user personas of the citizens in traffic, during work or during leisure time and their different age-appropriate user requirements are frequently interwoven. Public elements by Burri, products, systems and fixtures for the public space, accommodate this challenge. Quality bears a comprehensive significance for Burri: if all requirements regarding technology, safety, costs and serviceability are met, sustainability is evidenced by the fact that future urbanistic and spatial developments are made possible. Thus functional and creative requirements with a view to service and safety designate today's standard. Burri stands out due to user and customer orientation, well-founded experience with development, construction design and manufacture and through a clear philosophy of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the market.

Development involving the customer guarantees high usage
For decades BURRI public elements AG has been developing both standard solutions and custom products directly with its customers. Products, whose usage is already taken into account in all dimensions during the development process, evolve by means of team orientation involving free exchange of ideas with customers, suppliers and developers.

Full costing enables long-term investments
Numerous Burri projects of all dimensions from the waiting hall in local traffic to the signage systems for international airports are proof of the compatibility of top quality and cost-effectiveness. Already from the early planning phases Burri works out a true full costing with the customer. It comprises the initial investment as well as the running costs during the lifetime of a product or an installation.

Planning expertise creates quality on firm bases.
Public administrations and policy are nowadays under great pressure of justification when planning major projects. The extensive know how of BURRI public elements AG proves of value in that it meets guidelines, deadlines and costs at all times precisely in demanding situations regarding planning. Furthermore the customers value the competence in the interface support, with production planning and assembly. At the same time Burri also relieves client and planner with regard to numerous co-ordination and planning works.

Burri public elements: providing better orientation, safety and urbanity
Public elements make the public space accessible with intelligent modular systems. Whether traffic engineering and guidance systems, signage and information carriers, lights, street and park furnishings: public elements are important means of orientation and identification as well as image carriers. Therefore BURRI public elements AG have always worked together with prestigious architects, designers and landscape architects as well as with research facilities (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich School of Art and Design, Swiss Engineering STZ, Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, Electro Suisse). During the development expert planners and engineers, administrative bodies, electric companies as well as public and private railway companies are consistently involved from the outset.

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