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Where does a product designer get his ideas from? From new materials that encourage challenging new applications. From new production techniques that make the previously unthinkable possible. And by observing everyday life manifesting unsatisfied needs.

It is in this arena that Zurich designer Beat Karrer together with his team develops new products which resound favourably with his renowned clientele such as Anthologie

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The Shapeshifter: material innovation FluidSolids

Simon Keane-Cowell


Nominated for this year's Design Prize Switzerland, Zurich-based designer Beat Karrer's material innovation FluidSolids, with its strong ecological credentials and impressive programmability, is poised to give traditional materials like metal and


The Making of Architonic Concept Space IV

Susanne Fritz


The Milan fair provides the ideal setting for the premiere of Architonic Concept Space IV. And this will be a global first because never before has the FluidSolids® material, developed over many years and patented by the prestigious Swiss designer


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