Produits spécifiés

Produits spécifiés

The new signage and information system was planned and developed as part of the fifth construction phase of Zurich Airport in 2005. The criteria here were high energy-efficiency, minimum maintenance, safety and economy throughout the system’s entire lifecycle.

It was also important for panels to be easily and quickly changeable without tools since various changes in signage would be required during the construction phase.
Working in conjunction with industrial designers at Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, London, BURRI public elements thus created a compact, flexible and coherent signage system. Aesthetic and technically innovative solutions were developed and manufactured in-house by BURRI and punctually installed on site. The graphic identity of the signage system was created by Designalltag Zurich. The double-sided lighting of the signs and minimum construction depth also set new visual standards.

Investment in BURRI’s system has already paid for itself during the current building phase. Thanks to the system’s tool-free maintenance feature, high additional costs for signage and panel changes were avoided during the project. In everyday use, signs, lighting elements and ballasts can be changed by airport personnel quickly and without any tools.

In contrast to other existing systems, the cleaning process is less time-intensive being limited to outer surfaces as the system has no hollow spaces. The system is also impressive for its full impact resistance. Additional protection from collision damage is guaranteed by the use of safety hinges.

The signage is complemented by various BURRI City Light LED units. Depending on location, they are an integral part of the wayfinding system, offering passenger and timetable information or serving as showcases or advertising platforms.
The final result is a sophisticated system that not only consistently reflects the airport’s architectural identity, but also shows great flexibility in use.

Design team:

Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners London
BURRI public elements
Designalltag Zürich

Produits spécifiés

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