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Valerio Olgiati studied architecture at ETH Zuerich. Having lived and worked first in Zuerich and later in Los Angeles for some years, in 1996 he opened
his own practice in Zurich and in 2008 with his wife Tamara Olgiati in Flims.

Among his major buildings are the schoolhouse in Paspels, the Yellow House in Flims, a house for a musician in Scharans and the museum for the Swiss National Park in Zernez. Among his

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La pureté de Valerio Olgiati



L’architecture de Valerio Olgiati gravite entièrement autour de l’idée de pureté, incarnant une pureté de forme, de matériau, de lumière et d’expérience esthétique. Les structures que l’architecte conçoit avec son atelier sont