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Revolutionary Cells

Shonquis Moreno


In spite of its rich heritage, premium lighting brand REGGIANI is looking to the future, with innovation, style and dragonfly eyes.

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Shaping moods: Reggiani and the stimulating effects of ...

Brand story

Emma Moore


Light plays a pivotal role in architecture, influencing mood and behaviour. From retail to hospitality, Reggiani's Mood Pro LED lighting offers versatility, adjusting environments with warmth or brightness as needed.

Reggiani's Outline system: lighting for dynamic ...

Brand story

Harriet Thorpe


Reggiani’s new Outline lighting system caters to the ever-changing demands of contemporary interiors, delivering flexibility, modularity and a sleek design that can be tailored to suit any style.

Reggiani illumine la nouvelle Barclaycard Arena

Reggiani Illuminazione


Nous avons fourni les appareils d'intérieur et d'extérieur dans le cadre des travaux de rénovation de la salle omnisports de Birmingham anciennement dénommée National Indoor Arena (NIA). Les créateurs d'éclairage du cabinet LAPD ont travaillé

Theatre Royal

Reggiani Illuminazione


A total transformation of the Theatre Royal in Glasgow has taken place with the help of our Mosaico range of luminaires. As well as ensuring that the energy-saving lighting solution complemented the new scheme, the brief was also to ensure that the

Technologie LED « WARM DIMMING »

Reggiani Illuminazione


La nouvelle technologie LED « Warm Dimming » (DT) permet de créer des atmosphères lumineuses changeantes selon les exigences, en créant l’effet agréable de la gradation de lampes halogènes.

Reggiani éclaire The White Company

Reggiani Illuminazione


Pour le point de vente The White Company de Norwich, les designers de Dalziel and Pow (D+P) ont conçu une boutique entièrement éclairée par des LED, créant ainsi une expérience d'achat qui reproduit l'atmosphère d'une maison loin de chez soi,

SPLYT by Reggiani - Design by LAPD

Reggiani Illuminazione


System of projectors for interiors created to meet the specific demand for high performance (up to 2880 lm) Wall Washer optics, very narrow beams (< 6°) and an optical compartment thickness of only 40 mm, SPLYT is the latest product of