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Créativité et technologie, glamour et fonctionnalité, qualité et innovation : une combinaison extraordinaire de facteurs qui, unie à une
stratégie visionnaire de distribution, a contribué à assurer le succès de Kartell. Entreprise leader dans le secteur du design, Kartell se présente à un public international avec une collection unique en termes d’originalité, de variété et de richesse de gamme.

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Architonic Trend Analysis | Top 100 Italian Brands



This presentation is based solely on traffic information collected on architonic.com. All statistics and rankings shown in this article are based on the number of relevant search queries entered in the text-search field on architonic.com (‘by text


Architectes-designers italiens: Paesaggi immagini



Un mélange de poésie et de savoir-faire, de connaissances techniques et de sensibilité, de recherche et d’instinct ; un transfert de compétences de la plume au papier terminant entre les mains d’un artisan qualifié qui se chargera de


Material Tendencies: Piero Lissoni

Anita Hackethal


In the latest installment of our Architonic Material Tendencies series, we speak to Piero Lissoni, whose works represent a broad spectrum of interest – from architecture, interiors and furniture design through to graphics, photography and art


Material Tendencies: Jean-Marie Massaud

Anita Hackethal


Jean-Marie Massaud’s work marries, on the one hand, strong high-tech qualities with timeless elegance, lightness and warm comfort on the other.


Material Tendencies: Marcel Wanders

Anita Hackethal


Marcel Wanders' designs are aimed squarely at the head and the heart. Functional, yet at the same time poetic and entertaining, the Dutch designer never fails to surprise his audience.


Material Tendencies: Eugeni Quitllet

Anita Hackethal


Describing himself as a ‘Disoñador’, a combination of the Spanish words designer and dreamer, Eugeni Quitllet likes to enter another dimension when designing objects and furniture. He believes that there should always be something magical in the


Back to the Future

Simon Keane-Cowell


All good things come to those who wait. Design legend Ettore Sottsass may have left us, but, thanks to global design brand KARTELL, a completely new collection of striking accessories authored by the maestro himself is being launched this month.


MAISON&OBJET PARIS 2016: designer of the year

Maison&Objet Paris January


Every year, MAISON&OBJET spotlights the most outstanding names on the international design and decor scene today. Since 2015, MAISON&OBJET has choosen one Designer of the Year for each show: two for MAISON&OBJET PARIS (January and


Material Tendencies: Philippe Starck

Anita Hackethal


Rather than trying to create beautiful objects, the French designer and architect considers it his duty to invent things that make life better for the largest number of people possible. He believes that the existence of an object is only justified


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Introducing kartell.com: a transversal and integrated ...



Powered by YOOX Group.Introducing kartell.com, a complete website presenting the company and its products in a cross-cutting way, using an all-new approach for the design sector with a wealth of content, images and video giving users a true 360°


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