Here are the five most popular video interviews from Architonic’s Global Design Agenda series this year. Diving into some of the top creative minds and living to tell the tale.

November's interview with Axel Schmid of Ingo Maurer, was the most popular video interview of 2022

Architonic video interviews of the year 2022 | Novedades

November's interview with Axel Schmid of Ingo Maurer, was the most popular video interview of 2022


Although physical fairs, talks and in-person seminars came back with a healthy bang in 2022, the Global Design Agenda’s series of personal insights and professional reflections from a veritable who’s who of architecture and design proved the worth of digital fair content, too. Here are the top five most popular video interviews from the Global Design Agenda series in 2022.


Axel Schmid of Ingo Maurer: Lighting Design Week

‘If light is a material, you should be able to touch it’

Axel Schmid’s illuminating discussion at Light + Building defends our use of artificial light as a material: ‘Light consumes energy, but you cannot live without it.’



Matteo Thun: Bathroom Design Week

‘Tiles definitely belong to the past’

Matteo Thun discusses eliminating bathroom touch points: ‘The future of the bathroom is touch-free. You need clean, big surfaces.’



João Tiago Aguiar: Surface Design Week

‘We use traditional elements but in a contemporary way’

João Tiago Aguiar of João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos explains his affinity for using three-dimensional ceramics to create surfaces which ‘bring interiors to life.’



Russell Potter of Soda Studio: Office Design Week

‘Thursday is the new Friday. If it wasn’t already’

Russell Potter of Soda Studio describes how workplaces are creating more engaging environments: ‘We’ve seen offices put in show kitchens and yoga studios.’



Li Wenqiang of PIG Design: Bathroom Design Week

‘I have seen a bathroom where the toilet is only 15 cm from the door!’

Li Wenqiang of PIG Design discusses the difficulties of designing bathrooms with limited space: ‘It’s a terrible experience, with knees and face against the door.'


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