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Architonic video interviews of the year 2022

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James Wormald


Here are the five most popular video interviews from Architonic’s Global Design Agenda series this year. Diving into some of the top creative minds and living to tell the tale.

Editor's Letter – December 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


Metaversal musings, bright sparks and workplace affairs – that was 2022.

'If light is a material, you should be able to touch ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Axel Schmid's illuminating discussion at Light + Building defends our use of artificial light as a material: 'Light consumes energy, but you cannot live without it.' Watch the video for more…

‘Lighting design means you're working with a material ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Axel Schmid of Ingo Maurer discusses how new lighting technology is not only a benefit in itself, but also the source of new ideas, tools and possibilities. Watch to learn more...

Spot on: Plug & Light

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Katharina Sommer


Light straight out of the power socket? With Plug & Light, German think-tank Insta is setting new standards for the connecting of low-voltage LED luminaires to the mains supply – and more and more luminaire manufacturers and planners are

Under my umbrella: Kvadrat at Design Post

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This year, the Design Post showroom in Cologne – located right across the street from the fairgrounds – will be transformed with an installation by Stefan Diez for the Danish textile specialist Kvadrat.




With the Salone del Mobile Milano fast approaching, there's no better time to reveal the premier league of creative minds that shape the design world today.

Easily LED: the charms (and challenges) of a developing ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Many hands make light work, goes the old saying. Many new LED producers also make the creative possibilities of working with such a fast-changing technology exciting, thanks to the proliferation of products they bring to the market. But, for lighting

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