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Architonic Live Talks: moments of brilliance at Light + ...

Claire Brodka


At this year's Light + Building, the speakers at our Architonic Live Talks provided otherworldly inspiration, forward-thinking solutions and honest industry appraisals. We round up the illuminated insights you may have missed.

Of magical effects, quiet design and uniqueness

Light + Building


The style experts bora.herke.palmisano. have identified three relevant trends for 2024/25, which will be highlighted at Light + Building.

Understated elegance meets enchanting glass art

Light + Building


Lighting at Light + Building 2024 is a veritable treasure trove. Experts will present innovative lighting concepts for a host of indoor and outdoor situations.

Architonic video interviews of the year 2022

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James Wormald


Here are the five most popular video interviews from Architonic’s Global Design Agenda series this year. Diving into some of the top creative minds and living to tell the tale.

'You cannot consider space without light': Carmelo ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Carmelo Zappulla of External Reference brightens up Light + Building, explaining how light adds an emotional layer to environments: 'It animates a space.' Watch the video to learn more…

'Daylight for us is the most valuable light ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Andreas Schulz of Licht Kunst Licht highlights the use of both daylight and artificial light as resources, but also notes the difference: 'We love the change from day to night.' Watch the video here…

'If light is a material, you should be able to touch ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Axel Schmid's illuminating discussion at Light + Building defends our use of artificial light as a material: 'Light consumes energy, but you cannot live without it.' Watch the video for more…

'Design is a social profession and we have very big ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Ulrike Brandi spotlights the role of lighting design at Light + Building, claiming we must 'reorganise our design processes to serve society.' Hear more of what she had to say here…

Editor's Letter – October 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


The energy crisis, energetic thinking on sustainability and the power of lighting design.

Optimising consumption with Hager's new energy ...

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Mareile Morawietz


In an environment where energy is becoming ever more precious, Hager's product innovations make sure that none of it gets lost by optimising processes and thinking ahead.

Light + Building returns to illuminate trending industry ...

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Gerrit Terstiege


From 2 to 6 October, Light + Building Autumn Edition will once again educate and empower the world’s design and construction industries with the latest insights into modern trends and technology.

Light + Building 2022 flicks the smart city switch

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Gerrit Terstiege


With five days of illuminating industry information from 2 to 6 October, Light + Building 2022 will enlighten visitors on the latest trends and innovations in smart city urban lighting systems.

Time to shine at Light + Building

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Gerrit Terstiege


After four plus years in the darkness, Light + Building is back lighting up creatives' calendars. Taking place in October 2022, the event will shine a light on emerging industry trends and innovations.

The future looks bright: Light + Building 2020

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Julia Hauch


‘Fascinating’ – this is one of the top themes at LIGHT + BUILDING 2020 in Frankfurt and focuses on the full spectrum of both current and future light and luminaire designs for every application.

Centre Stage for light

Light + Building


It is also often nice if details stay invisible. Fully in accordance with the Bauhaus maxim – now a hundred years old.

In the best light: Light + Building 2020

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Gerrit Terstiege


Every two years, LIGHT + BUILDING puts a spotlight on current lighting trends as well as the latest developments in the field of intelligent building technology. Taking place in Frankfurt from 8 to 13 March, it is, in short, a must for architects and

Use protection: Light + Building 2018

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Katharina Sommer


This year's edition of the LIGHT + BUILDING Fair takes into account the increasing need for security in both the residential and contract sectors and focuses on the latest developments in smart security technology.

Lightness of Touch: Light + Building Frankfurt 2018

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Katharina Sommer


Feel the future. The latest edition of the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology is all about innovation.

Light + Building 2016: perfectly joined-up

Ulrich Büttner


The eighth edition of Light + Building, from 13 to 18 March 2016, invites visitors to experience the worlds of lighting, design and networked building-services technology. The top-level themes are lighting-design trends, human-centric lighting, smart