The celebrations for a special anniversary are already on at Zanotta "house"; these celebrations go beyond the design world just to involve an entire lifestyle and a cultural mood.
A big exhibition-event, a publication, a website, a film and other appointments all over the world. Because Sacco is maybe the most anomalous item among the design objects not only made by Zanotta: the coming of an idea, a real cult in the informal furnishing, a custom phenomenon that is winning the widest and transversal audience without interruption. Approaching the cinema and TV, it has become a new type in its field, after all a new kind of "sacco" seating has been existing since1968.

The beginning of the adventure is hard to forget: it was 1968 and three young architects: Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro came to Zanotta, a trio in harmony. They had an idea in their minds: a brand new seat, a big sack made of vinyl slices, partially filled with pellets (of polystyrene). They brought the object with them. It entered into production with little technical improvements and guarantees of quality and of finishes just a little time after. The name, Sacco, is the same as it is now sold.
The armchair by Sacco, Paolini and Teodoro is one of the most meaningful example of design product able to embody an "era", while "contaminating" the living conventions that apparently look very formal.

Sacco is a soft and helpful object: you may sit, lie down on it, crouch or as you may wish. It may serve as support to lay various things on, just like a service table; when stretched it nearly looks like a rug. However it is not forbidden to find other applications. Kids do not use it: they play with it (sometimes like adults do). Sacco is a real "tamed" object. Be careful! It has a disadvantage: if you get used to it, you will become more demanding with other objects you are going to use.