Shigeru Ban is considered the master of paper craftsmanship, and his ability to combine architecture and origami is one of the signatures of his internationally recognised buildings.

Ban has used paper to design unexpected and innovative buildings, from emergency housing to temporary schools. One of the structures that best demonstrates the potential of playing with paper is the temporary pavilion he made for the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture built a few years ago in Moscow. Though not his most recent project, the pavilion still stands out for its thick cardboard columns along the entire perimeter. “The temporary pavilion is both efficient to construct and affordable by using local materials produced in St. Petersburg”, explains Mr Ban. Designed to temporarily house the Garage Centre collection, the provisional building became a site for prolific experimentation. A six-metre tall wall was made of locally produced paper tubes, enclosing an oval interior that covers 2,400 square metres.

Text by Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi

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