Design Meneghello Paolelli Associati / Divisione FIMA Wellness

Cloud, the shower head of FIMA Carlo Frattini, signed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates, received the Design Plus Award in 2015, the prestigious award of the German Design Council established in 1983, awarded annually by ISH. A jury of experts awarded the prize to products that combine attractive design, innovative materials and sustainable production.

The important award demonstrates again the continued commitment of FIMA Carlo Frattini in research and development of unique solutions that combine aesthetic evolved in design and functionality.

Cloud, the shower head of FIMA Carlo Frattini, signed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, is characterized by a light profile, sinuous and elegant which gives it an original aesthetic, giving moments of total relaxation in the bathroom. The concept is characterized by the presence of two different levels :the first is the shower head itself, the second is a sheet of chrome metal, black or white, where in the version LED light shade reflects red lights or white in order to give further effects.

Made of stainless steel, Cloud is extremely functional and easy to install without any support wall or recessed parts, representing a perfect solution of adapting into existing bathrooms. Not only that, the valuable antibacterial properties, the high gloss and resistance to limescale over time are other important pluses.

With its production 100% Made in Italy, FIMA Carlo Frattini over 50 years stands out as an important reality in the taps, in Italy and abroad. The offer of the company is rich and includes numerous collections that demonstrate the high level of design and quality of production, the continuous investment in research and spasmodic attention to technological innovation.

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