Designed by Gramazio & Kohler, on view for the first time at the imm cologne 2009

The concept is innovation: at last year's imm cologne Architonic participated with a stand which demonstrated the potential which lies in the combination of innovative materials and progressive design solutions provided by future-oriented production processes. The Architonic Lounge, created by the Stuttgart architects LAVA, was very much a suitable start to Architonic's Concept Spaces.

In the coming year the Swiss architects Gramazio & Kohler – who designed this-year's Swiss pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice and are known for their computer-generated and robot-produced structures – will be continuing the series.

The design methods and production process here run counter to each other: at the same time subtractive and additive.
The forms are digitally »eroded« from simple cubes using subtractive logic, with the necessary parameters such as statics and functional spaces being integrated in the calculations. A conventional industrial robot then additively assembles and glues variously sized full-scale segments to form the shell of the structure.
The result is a fascinating three-dimensional 'pixel landscape,' which in visual terms makes no secret of its digital origins.
We are very excited about this successful cooperation with Gramazio & Kohler and the department of architecture and digital production at the ETH Zurich. At the same time we take pleasure in inviting you to our Architonic Concept Space II in the passage between Halls 10 and 11 at the imm cologne from 19 – 25 January 2009.