Fresh Water Thanks to «No Man’s Land» for the Dead Sea Region

The climatic changes are forcing architects to come up with new and visionary designs in order to make living possible in the most unusual places on Earth. That’s why New York-based company Phu Hoang Office has developed a project called «No Man’s Land» which is destined for regions near the Dead Sea.

The water level in the black sea which has decreased by 20 meters within the last 40 years, causes an emerging sweet water shortage in this area. The project «No Man’s Land» will solve this problem and will provide water for the inhabitants, and also, renewable energy and recreation spaces.

«No Man’s Land» will consist of artificial islands which will attract many tourists as well. The designers are working on a technology that could «extract water molecules from the air above the sea» in order to be able to get that fresh water that everybody wants.