Imagine a museum, instead of travelling far to see it, will stand temporarly in your home town.

Imagine a museum, instead of travelling far to see it, will stand temporarly in your home town.

«I need you, spectators. Voyeurs, that's the word.» Zaha Hadid

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«I need you, spectators. Voyeurs, that's the word.» Zaha Hadid


Assigned by Karl Lagerfeld Zaha Hadid created the Mobile Art CHANEL Contemporary Art Container. This ground-breaking and dynamic project reflects her visionary aesthetics in innovative space concepts and in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design.
She integrates natural topography and human built systems with cutting-edge technologies and reaches the powerful dynamics in her architecture by emphasizing the multidisciplinarity of architecture, landscape and geology with complex geometry.

«This is a mobile art piece, travelling pavilion for art exhibits designed for chanel. Basically the diagramm is very simple, it forms a loop. You enter and exit from the same point. The structure will be transported to different places and the complexity of the geometry was resolved parametrically, therefore it can also be taken away and put together. Because of the speed of the project, the source of experimentation is heightened.» Zaha Hadid

«No one has done this before. Nobody has made a museum that can travel. Normally, people travel to see a museum. Here, the museum travels. It is a very new concept, completely different from the Bauhaus. It's a piece of art, though I hate that word.» Karl Lagerfeld

«For me, design and archtecture are the real art of today.» Karl Lagerfeld

«Zaha Hadid is the first architect to find a way to part with the all-dominating post-Bauhaus totalitary aesthetic. The value of her designs is similar to that of great poetry. The potential of her imagination is enormous. » - Karl Lagerfeld

CHANEL has decided to make the legendary quilted bag the focus of an event on an international scale: MOBILE ART. Just as fashion spreads throughout the world, this travelling event will be presented in Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

In the futuristic pavillon, 20 international artists will exhibit work inspired by the elements that give the emblematic quilted bag from CHANEL its identity. Their unique visions, unexpected interpretations - poetic, cheeky and inspirational - reveal the multiple faces of this emblematic bag in all the artistic expressions.

Fabrice Bousteau, editorial director and editor in chief, Beaux Arts Magazine since 1997.

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