The well-known contemporary rug design company has decided to focus its business strategy on greater proximity to the end consumer.

Nanimarquina, the rug design and production company, is opening its first shop in Barcelona. The space that has been chosen provides a unique way of seeing the whole context of the brand, with a comprehensive exhibition of its rugs and textile accessories and all kinds of unique items. The store is peppered with a carefully selected range of exclusive articles from several different countries – little treasures each with their own special charm, which the designer and her team have discovered on their travels around Asia, Africa and South America. These hand-crafted objects from faraway worlds make up the themes for the Nanimarquina collections: baskets, fabrics, teacups, blankets, cushions or teapots that have provided the starting point and the inspiration for the brand’s designs.

Located at the corner of Av. Diagonal and C/ Rosselló, the epicentre of design in Barcelona, the new shop is placed in an old disused garage, of which we’ve maintained its essence. The wide 750m2 space is divided into three levels. The interior design clearly reflects the values of the brand: contemporising tradition. It is an up-to-date style based on the contrast between modernity and tradition. Rehabilitation and recycling have a strong presence, as seen in the store’s furniture and interior design. Customised wooden crates used as display cases and antique furniture form part of the décor.

The store has been conceived as a meeting point between the brand and its end users, where Nanimarquina aims to adapt to the new shopping behaviour of the final consumer, who is more and more knowledgeable and has greater requirements in terms of technical information. nanimarquina is thereby opening itself up to dialogue and to sharing advice with professional interior designers.

This project has been set up in line to foster dialogue between the brand’s creative team and the end consumer, by creating an observatory of ideas. This store will allow us to transmit Nanimarquina values directly and clearly.