This anniversary is celebrated in honour of all our exhibitors who annually provide excellence, bring diversity and deliver boldness to MAISON&OBJET PARIS. But it is also thanks to you, our visitors, that our fair has become such a success over the years. So, to all of you, we would just like to say:.THANK YOU

Inspirations 2015-2016 : MAKE

L’Observatoire de MAISON&OBJET is diving in to explore the latest trends leaving their mark on design and decoration. With “make” chose as the theme and guiding principle, the Observatoire foresees an era of crafts-making, in which everyone is coming back to the quintessential act of making. Come AND discover this rich theme in the Inspirations trend book and in Hall 7, in the three spaces designed by François Bernard, Elizabeth Leriche and Vincent Grégoire.

In our day, we don’t want to let things go anymore. Everyone wants to regain control. The home is increasingly attractive. Traditional expertise is restoring value to manufactured goods. The latest luxury can be seen in a return to the essential beauty of craftsmanship and perfecting materials. We love watching the scenes of the creation which manufacturent exceptional objects. Makers and artisans redefine the rules of an alter-design. Contemplation of nature, the genius of the hand and the technological advances mark out the evolution of a world in the process of again.


François Bernard (Croisements)
Scientists, artists and designers of living things are summoning the spirit of nature and playing with its laws using somewhat bewitching rituals. Leaving things to chance, the experiments and mutations made by these bio-magiciansare catalyzing the supernatural.


Elizabeth Leriche
As the tool for a new luxury, the hand is touching and transforming things. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of crafts, neo-artisans’ expertise is putting together sensitive, rare items. The art of making is freeing the object from the norm so that it can leave its mark in time.


Vincent Grégoire (NellyRodi)
Could the designer of tomorrow be hiding under an engineer’s coat? Designing benevolent machines connected to a digital environment, new algorithms for contemporary comfort are inventing a heightened relationship to the world..

cook+design Studio

A new culinary event created by MAISON&OBJET, the cook+design Studio is back for its 2nd session within Hall 3. A true trend agency that aims to explore the world of cooking in all its diversity, the cook+design Studio deciphers what’s abuzz in the food world in France and elsewhere. This year’s centerpiece: the resurgence of gourmet shops and an interpretation of the latest culinary trends.

Created as a real living space involving the kitchen, the cook+design Studio offers MAISON&OBJET visitors a series of meet-ups with many major players in gastronomy and design.

Open to all, the space will offer lectures, demonstrations, tastings and more. Depending on their tastes, anyone can join the event taking place, taking advantage of the presence of industry professionals to discuss the topic with them.

Inspiring, tasting, meeting up: the cook+design Studio will be the highlight of hall 3!


Born in Canada, Oki Sato studied architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo before founding the nen do st udio there in 2002, then openin g an office in Milan. In Japanese, nendo means dough, showing Oki Sato’s desire to constantly reinvent himself.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism, he instills humor and conviviality into his designs, seeking to transform the relationship between people and the objects around them.After Wallpaper magazine named him Designer of the Year in 2012, the prizes have piled up: Good Design Award, German Design Award, Elle Deco International Design Award. He has collaborated with Cappellini, Moroso, Starbucks, Puma and BoConcept. His creations are also taking their place in museums, from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

In January 2015, it is in Paris that Oki Sato, named MAISON&OBJET PARIS Designer of the Year, will hang his hat and express his world at now! design à vivre (Hall 8).

Chocolatexture lounge

Oki Sato is an absolute fan of ... melting chocolate. He was inspired by it to design the CHOCOLATEXTURE LOUNGE. In this deliciously regressive space, come taste the chocolate range created by nendo with a good coffee, nestled in the cocoacolored furnishings. Jubilant / Irresistible.