Even outdoors, we don't want to do without comfort and design. Let comfort and a visual dose of coolness whisk you away to summer.

POOL OUTDOOR with clear lines. The minimalist outdoor family by newcomer Daniel Schmidt is reminiscent of the director's chairs of past eras and is drawn in clear, curved lines. The shape of the entire stainless steel frame deliberately runs in straight lines and curves to create a unique symbiosis. The washable, UV-resistant and weatherproof synthetic fabric covering in the back and seat area offers maximum comfort.

The collection includes a slender chair, a refreshingly young lounge chair and a convertible ottoman. When the occasion calls for it, the additional aluminium tray converts it into a side table in no time at all. Optional cushions and a small board for the armrest area may be added for even more cosiness and comfort.

The choice of colours for the stainless steel powder coating and the upholstery fabric leaves plenty of scope for design. POOL OUTDOOR is refreshingly young.

© Architonic

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