Come and see the newest models from JESS DESIGN and discover their furniture with a unique character!

Jess Design creates and produces design furniture with a unique character. Every piece of furniture has their own story, and with its natural materials the result is simply stunning. It’s for a reason that ‘different, seductive and pure’ are their core values. Based in the Netherlands, but with dealers all across the world, Jess Design is a brand that is expanding every year. And so does their collection, with seating comfort, as well as tables and lights.

Last year, Jess Design presented the newest item of the Earl-family our towards the rest of the world: The Earl 3-seater. Formerly, they already had the Earl 1-seater and Earl 2-seater in their collection, and this newest product in the Earl family is a great new addition.

The Earl 3-seater gets an elegant appearance with its thin frame and massive steel. The frame has been treated ‘Old Glory’, which results in the classical look & feel of the Earl. Furthermore, the couch can be ordered in various types of leather. All the leathers have in common that they come across tough and raw. Jess Design thinks that the leather makes the product something special. Finally, the Earl 3-seater can be ordered with and without arm support. Contact your local dealer to see it with you own eyes, or come and visit 100% Design in London, where Jess Design can be found as well.

“Creations that deliver more than simply the sum of their parts, for the ultimate experience. The ambition of self-reflection allows your energy to flow freely once again. A moment for contemplation, before taking the next, well considered step. Silent revival – allow yourself to blossom from within: a warm home.”

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