Foscarini is sponsor of the 53rd International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 7th June - 22nd November 2009

After its first, extremely positive experience in 2008 with the International Architecture Exhibition, Foscarini is strengthening its collaboration with the Venice Biennale, as well as raising its profile in the area, by now supporting the 53rd International Art Exhibition, directed by Daniel Birnbaum.

As in 2008, Foscarini meant to continue and strengthen its dialogue with the design world, now its brand
presence, within the high culture framework which is the 53rd Art Exhibition, will support the collection’s
decorative energy, which hits home on an emotional level, with its luminous shapes, carrying a strong symbolic and evocative charge, and its continuing commitment to research, its openness to different languages and experimentation.

The initiative can be viewed as part of Foscarini’s latest communications’ strategy, which foresees a series of actions aimed at consolidating the brand on the international stage. From its presence at the sector’s most significant exhibitions in the world’s design capitals, to present previews of its latest lamp creations, to the corporate events held at strategic locations worldwide with the opportunity to meet designers and planners, offering them a different interpretation of the collection. And, this is seen yet again, with the successful approach chosen to display its house magazine, LUX, where every edition offers the opportunity to meet and compare, with experts, inside the most prestigious locations, from Milan’s Design Library to London ‘s Tate Modern, by way the Museum of Applied Art in Frankfurt.