Here are the winners of the Cristalplant® Design Contest 2018

The young designers who participated in the tenth edition of the Cristalplant® Design Contest confronted the design of bathroom furniture components referable to three categories: Top-mounted, wall-hung and free-standing washbasins; Wall-hung and top-mounted hand washbasins; Bath tubs.
The internationally renowned competition, organized by the Treviso-based Cristalplant® company and which this year boasts a truly prestigious partner as Falper, emblem of the "Made in Italy" design in the world, takes the name of Icons Design Contest.
The aim was to involve the creative spirit of young talents to create innovative products, using Cristalplant® as a base material for products inspired to the unmistakable style of Falper.

Over 500 projects were presented, distinguished by creativity and innovation but only three selected winners, one for each category of the competition:

Lucia CARLOMAGNO, with the project LANCETTA - winner of the category Bath tubs;

Lorenzo MARIOTTI, with the project OTRE - winner of the category Wall-hung and top-mounted hand washbasins;

Simone SAVINI, with the project OFFSET - winner of the category Top-mounted, wall-hung and free-standing washbasins.

According to the unquestionable opinion of the jury of excellence, composed of illustrious ambassadors of the world of architecture, design and communication, these young designers have succeeded in creating iconic bathroom products through the creation of elegant and original concepts: avant-garde projects, outside the box, capable of overcoming the paradigms designed by time.

Lucia CARLOMAGNO, with the project LANCETTA - winner of the category Bath tubs

Native of Naples, she graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan in Interior Design and collaborated, before and after her studies, with several architecture firms based in Naples, Caserta and Milan, where she deals with interior design and graphics.
A strong passion for design led her to the creation of LHABI, together with her friend and partner Serena Di Nocera - a laboratory where creativity and “Made in Italy” merge in the creation of tailor-made furniture products and solutions. Currently, after several years of work in the field of event set-ups at the Kaleidos agency in Milan, she collaborates as Visual Merchandiser with the luxury goods company Loro Piana.

LANCETTA is a bathtub that comes out from the idea of giving a greater sense of comfort and hospitality, assimilating the experience of the bathroom to the one of sitting on a chaise longue.
The concept is the same that accompanies the design of the first bath tubs of the 19th century, where the raised ends as backrests and the turned-up edges allow you to rest your arms more comfortably. These aspects formally translate into the typical curved lines of the Art Nouveau style of the period.
LANCETTA relaunches this thought, without breaking the lines with the contemporary bathtubs, but rather - starting from these - it opens delicately like a water lily.
Its name derives from the physiognomic re-enactment of the homonymous, typical South Italian boat.

Lorenzo MARIOTTI, with the project OTRE - winner of the category Wall-hung and top-mounted hand washbasins

Born in 1995, Udinese, Lorenzo Mariotti is a Product Design student at the Politecnico di Milano, a dynamic and highly formative environment that allows him to get in touch with a mix of interdisciplinary skills and a unique project culture. Currently Junior Product Designer Trainee at Studio Volpi, he strongly believes in the communicative power of products and in the search for the balance between aesthetics, user experience and design constraints.

The OTRE washbasin is born from the intention of combining form and matter with a metaphoric meaning.

It draws inspiration from the archetypal silhouette of the goatskin, translating its symbolic meaning into concrete planning. The goatskin was used in ancient times as a container for the transport of liquids, and its strong point was the ability to adapt its shape to the floor which it was laid on.
Hence the idea of creating the continuous and fluid surface of the OTRE hand-basin, which, is able - with a simple but far from simple appearance - to fully exploit the properties of Cristalplant®: versatility, resistance and pleasantness to the touch and sight.
Its shape helps to give the impression that it is almost completely detached from the wall and supported solely by the tap, positioned on the tapered edge that frames it. The bevelled edge, finally, gives a peculiar sinuosity that respects the distinctive signs of the project.

Simone SAVINI, with the project OFFSET - winner of the category Top-mounted, wall-hung and free-standing washbasins

Simone Savini was born in 1985 and he’s a self-taught designer.
Always fascinated by the world of architecture, in 2005 he took his first steps in the study of his father as a draftsman, where he immediately began to delineate his style in his first projects.
In 2012 he definitively entered the studio, completely renewing his style and language.
His projects and his approach are often outside the "academic" standards: a continuous search for aesthetic and formal essentiality distinguish the projects he signs.
To date, he boasts numerous collaborations with various Italian companies.

Sharp and precise lines form a vertical plane parallel to the wall and detached from it, where a shelf for objects is created. The basin of the sink has been obtained from a hemisphere connected to the vertical plane through soft curving rays. In the upper and lower part of the vertical plane it is possible to insert an eventual illumination.

The jury also decided to award two honorable mentions:

to the project STICKMAN, freestanding washbasin, created by the “for Malpighi Lab” team made up of very young designers: Elena Getici, Maria Laura Tanteri, Giacomo Micheli, Uberto Paulucci, Roberta Capozza - students of the Malpighi Lyceum in Bologna, led by Prof. Arch. Lorenzo Raggi;

to the project FOLD, bath tub, fruit of the creative inspiration of the Russian designer Dmitry Kozinenko.