Bremen-based acousticpearls specialises in creating pleasant internal spatial atmospheres. The company’s premium acoustic panel systems are not only functional but also offer a variety of design options. The development of the acoustic elements is the result of intensive cooperation between acousticpearls and architects and planners.

Room acoustics play an essential role in the fitting-out of workplaces even in the early planning stages. Good and balanced room acoustics contribute to an increase in employee performance and can reduce error rates and sick-leave levels. acousticpearls therefore wants to raise awareness among architects of the importance of good room acoustics. To this end, it provides planners with extensive know-how and acoustic solutions that are not only effective but also aesthetically sophisticated.

With its timeless, classic design systems, acousticpearls combines the highest-possible effectiveness with maximum design diversity. Finely crafted materials, selected manufacturing companies, and sustainable product design guarantee first-class quality and the “Made in Germany“ seal of approval. Each product is flexibly and individually integrated into spatial and workplace concepts. The product range extends from modular wall-panel systems and room dividers, to ceiling systems and room-in-room solutions. It is suitable for private homes as well as offices, banks and hotels. Colour plays an important role for acousticpearls.

The company’s COLOR FIELDS and WALL COVER panel series shows how technical and design know-ledge can be combined: The modular design acoustic systems combine room acoustics with colour design, thus appealing to the visual and acoustic senses.

In addition to differently-sized wall panels, acousticpearls also has space-creating products in its range. The ARCHITECTS TEXTILE acoustic panel system not only optimises room acoustics, it also flexibly structures them. ARCHITECTS GLASS enables visual zoning with maximum openness to light, and shields noise using frameless, filigree glass panels. The latest addition to the product family is FIBER CEILING – the company’s first ceiling solution, which incorporates innovative lighting technology from Buschfeld.

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