LIGHT-POINT isn’t just about light. It’s about atmosphere and experience. The company’s aim is to create lighting scenarios that allow customers to experience light.

From the initial idea – where light is needed – to the design of a spatial situation, what is important to LIGHT-POINT is to design products that naturally integrate into daily life. Minimalist design, functionality and innovation are the key elements in this respect. Beneath the Scandinavian design philosophy however there is also a focus on high quality. The lights are designed to inspire customers to also use them in other ways. Each product has been designed in such a way that its use is a unique experience for the user. LIGHT-POINT’s lights are also intended to symbolize a high quality of life, which is why the company attaches great importance to understanding the needs of its customers.

LIGHT-POINT is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where natural light forms and shapes every season. This in turn influences the city’s lifestyle, with light becoming important in a whole range of life situations – at home, in the office, and also in public spaces. Light-Point incorporates this knowledge into its designs, since light greatly influences our environment. Correctly-positioned light sources can not only create spatial atmospheres, they can also emphasize and frame the architecture and highlight details. The company cooperates closely with architects, planners and electricians to ensure high quality at all levels. Among the services offered by the company’s consulting division are lighting design and cost calculation. All this brings LIGHT-POINT a good step closer to its vision of becoming one of the best lighting companies in the world. Two showrooms, export managers and salespeople with expert knowledge all over the world help make LIGHT-POINT a strong partner for architects. Thus, when it comes to light, expectations are not only fulfilled but also exceeded.

Text: Dorothea Gehringer

Østergade 10
1100 København

Your contact for projects:
+45 70 25 55 25

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