Dada presents an innovative catalogue concept

“The new Dada catalogue takes you on a journey through the world of the great masters of architecture”

Dada presents an innovative catalogue concept. Kitchens are introduced by taking you on a journey with the great masters of architecture. Trim, Tivalì, Vela Aluminium, Vela, Banco, Vela Quadra, Nuvola, Hi-Line and Nomis are the stars of spaces designed by architects as their home, presented in nine short films.

The home is a place of intimacy. In every space – in the kitchen for example – a fragment of life is found, a sign of the person who lives there. Our home is our mirror, reflected and sometimes twisted. That’s why we enter it with discretion. But the home and the kitchen also mirrors the person who imagined, designed and built it. It is for this reason why we have knocked on the doors of the great masters of architecture, to let our imagination wander, into the homes of Gio Ponti, Charles Eames, Carlo Scarpa, Giuseppe Terragni, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Richard Neutra and Jean Prouvé. Indeed our journey takes us into the very heart of their homes, the kitchen. We rediscover a link between the past and the present, between the timelessness of the classics and the timelines of today.

In the world of Dada we have created a meeting between the stars of the 20th century and the contemporary architectural universe. For architects, designing their own homes means experimenting “in corpore vili”, as Carlo Scarpa used to say, referring to the motto attributed to doctors who, according to popular opinion, acquired their experience on the bodies of worthless people. Of course, he meant it humorously. For architects to build their own home, it means going beyond their own limits, inventing new solutions, shaping materials according to their own desires: pursuing a dream. This is exactly how Dada approaches a new project. And above all, never forget that homes are built to be lived in.