Welcome! The Cubit sofa is the latest addition to our world of furnishings. Like our shelves, it’s modular, puristic and diverse. And best of all, it’s completely manufactured in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany!

This winter, Cubit – the label for modular furniture – is being expanded to include the innovative Cubit sofa. The Cubit shelf is set to be joined by a brand new sofa equipped with similar advantages: a functional connector system and simple esthetics.

It would appear that there are virtually no limits to the design possibilities. Customers can combine a multitude of elements for seating cushions, armrests and backrests to create their very own, personal sofa – even for unusual furnishing situations. And to do this, they can use Cubit’s online configurator.

Each module can be used on a stand-alone basis as an armchair or arranged with other elements to create a sofa and even a complete seating landscape. And the design possibilities are diverse. Indeed, the Cubit sofa is always the epitome of style. A puristic design and clear lines give free rein to your individual creativity and create a feeling of stylistic sovereignty.

Function meets esthetics

The clever connector system is invisible at first glance; the elements are assembled without the need for any tools whatsoever. Molded L-shaped bent wood connects the elements, creating a sturdy finished product. Removable custom-fit covers which wrap themselves around the seating modules are also available. They are attached using hook-and-loop fasteners and hidden zippers. It’s an easy process that doesn’t require any special skills.

Fabrics convey your personal style

The surface of the sofa impresses in many ways. First of all, the cover forms a stylish whole with the main body of the sofa and influences its character. The feel comes later. Five high-quality fabric collections, including Jab Anstoetz, De Ploeg and Rohi, were chosen for the Cubit sofa. They range from affluent and elegant, over innovative and lively, to casual and youthful.

Cushions: more than just decoration

The cushions are the smallest modular parts of the Cubit sofa. They always match the formats of the seating elements – from classic to extravagant. A brand-new product is the double cushion. The seam enables the cushion to be folded double, thereby simply increasing its height and changing its function.

Sustainable production in Germany

Sustainability is the guiding idea behind the modular furniture from Cubit . It adapts to all furnishing situations, showcases a timeless design and is made of high-quality and permanently stable materials. Most of the sofa components are supplied by manufacturers from East Westphalia, a region with a long tradition of furniture production. Fabrics and foams are Ökotex-certified and the transportation routes are short.

Minou Farkhondeh (interior designer) and Thomas Reichel (businessman) founded Düsseldorf-based Mymito GmbH in 2006. The company develops, manufactures and sells the Cubit brand online in Europe. These are modular furniture systems with high-quality materials, meticulous production and puristic design. Since 2012, Olaf Schroeder, an industrial designer from Frankfurt, is an associate of the company.

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