The Xcut and Xcross floor-standing washstands by Alape have an open design that combines aesthetics with precise manufacturing.

The new Alape washstands Xcut and Xcross dissolve the typical closed cylindrical form of a column washstand and instead present a slender steel frame. The result is a minimalist and lightweight design that is perfect for compact spaces. The distinguishing feature of both series is the X-shaped foot which is seamlessly integrated with the perfectly colour-coordinated round basin. Despite the common design principle, the new Alape floor-standing washstands are distinctive in their expressiveness. The Xcut series is a classic cut-through column design that features an integrated shelf in its frame for additional storage. Xcross brings the X-shaped base into focus with a cross-legged design constructed from flat steel struts. The product is available in a bicolour finish – matt black with a white gloss basin. (Design by Busalt Design)

Made entirely in white, Xcut fits particularly well into bright and reduced-size interiors. The integrated shelf under the basin offers practical storage in the smallest of spaces.

Xcut dispenses with the closed cylindrical shape of the floor-standing washstands and reduces the body to create a minimalist design. The design principle impresses with a fascinating clarity without losing stability.

Xcross convinces with its reduction to a concise shape. The X-shaped foot is a striking feature of the design. The white glazed steel basin and black construction form a characteristic bond.

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