Over 40 years of history for AGENA®, promoter of the Made in Italy and on the international markets with more than 100 collections of decorative fabrics for upholstery, curtains, accessories and many collections of wallpapers. Today, the company is expanding its offerings to include coordinated carpets, exclusively tailored to the needs of the customer.

The history

Agena is established in 1966; Agena is the name of a rocket used to launch satellites into space, and this choice embodies the desire to look to the future with full awareness of the enormous changes taking place. The company is on the market with a strong and integrated distribution structure, that in a few years has become, for its market expertise, a point of reference. The manager immediately distinguishes himself for his strong entrepreneurial spirit, his sensitive foresight and an amazing ability to understand the market trends and consumers’ needs.

Agena believes immediately in the research of valuable materials, capable of distinguishing a refined style, keeping up with tradition but, at the same time, capable of innovating and creating trends. Agena offers over 100 collections of decorative fabrics for upholstery, curtains and accessories and many collections of wallpapers, to the demanding consumer of the new millennium.

The Agena Style Center plays a strategic role: from here, the insights and experiences of an entrepreneur take shape and come to life, being translated into paper drawings, sketches, images and sketches so that Agena’s designers can turn them into the stars of our exclusive collections. In 2003 the collaboration with Pininfarina, a brand known as the undisputed star of the Made in Italy, allows Agena to cross the national borders and to become known in the world. This collaboration immediately proves to be profitable and mutually satisfying.

The colors that characterize the products of the Turin company are both traditional and extremely modern, capable of expressing the needs of every type of furniture and decorations are revisited and modernized. The wallpapers and fabrics are handmade by craftsmen, raw materials are chosen with care. The decorations’ minimal lines are the distinctive features of products that are able to create trends, and to interpretate a luxury that expresses itself by quality, creativity, innovation that respects tradition.

The wallpapers

The Agena Wallpapers are made in Italy and of guaranteed quality. They are produced, with particular procedures , and they are all handmade by expert craftsmen. This quality makes them unique in terms of “wearability”on the walls and shades of color.

The Agena Style Center creates two collections every year, following trends and fashions, always searching techniques and technologies that grant an original and distinguished quality product, Unusual solutions such as ecological paper straw wallpaper, textured and three-dimensional wallpaper, customizable wallpaper are part of our collections. Each grain, bend or other irregularities are considered a sign of exclusive quality that makes each wallpaper unique and unlike any other.

The fabrics

Agena offers to its clients a wide range of upholstery fabrics, using both traditional raw materials and innovative and technological yarns. Natural linens, soft cotton, fine silk, but also yarns that are the result of modern research such as Trevira cs, absolutely fire retardant, to name a few.

The company's goal is to provide furnishing fabrics and curtains that enclose elegance, simplicity and innovation. The identity and harmony of design, attention to detail and proportion, simplicity combined with the technology, the choice of the use of high quality fibers, have enabled us to develop materials that will last over time and are always up-to-date.

Agena Fabric collections also offer dedicated solutions for the contract sector, meeting the demands of a rapidly growing market such as the receptivity one without sacrificing quality and style by using products with the requirements and characteristics defined by strict laws. Agena’s products can be found not only in structures such as hotels and malls, but also in yachts, museums, theaters, schools and hospitals.

Quality and Sustainability guide the production style

Among the values of AGENA, quality allows you to follow the products in every single stage, from the creative concept at the Agena Style Centre to the final distribution. Total quality throughout the supply chain: this means using, for the realization of the fabrics, the most innovative machinery together with the tradition of master craftsmen, and employing the most advanced production technologies for wallpapers It means using only reliable materials, durable and safe, as well as collaborating with suppliers of proven experience and professionalism to make sure we use only top quality raw materials.

The Agena style Centre draws wallpapers, fabrics and carpets designed to withstand wear and tear over time and all the processes are aimed at improving the finished product while providing the highest level of performance, with features such as being fireproof, waterproof, resistant to the effect of light.

Agena also focuses on ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY; it uses natural fibers and processing methods that are environmentally “low-impact”.

The production focuses on different types of materials, not only wallpapers but also fibers and textiles, raw materials, dyes and furnishing accessories that are created and packaged according to environmentally sustainable criteria. There is a growing commitment in Agena to raw materials such as natural and organic wool, cotton, hemp, silk and linen that are ecologically treated - for example, dyed with natural dyes - but also synthetic fibers with low environmental impact.

The added value

Agena is constantly searching for the contemporary style with products that blends globalization with tradition. While maintaining high standards, Agena offers to the public products that are glamorous, functional and fashionable, making tradition and innovation the core principles of its business. The Agena wallpapers, fabrics, accessories and rugs are interpreters of a daily luxury resulting from innovative creativity and Italian craftsmanship. The elegant style that has always distinguished Agena, allows products to fit easily in any context of class and elegance.

The historic Turin company publishes wallpapers, fabrics, accessories for furniture and now also a collection of fine rugs, combining chosen patterns with original textures, suited for a total look or paired with the collections offered by the company every year.

Curtains, wallpapers, wall fabrics, upholstery fabrics and carpets, exclusively custom made, are the perfect piece of furniture to define the style of a room. Together they create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere and become protagonists and not unnecessary details.

Agena is the only Italian company to have a co-ordinated range of fabrics, wallpapers, rugs and accessories that perfectly combine textured geometric stripes, floral motifs and plain ones. This is accomplished by studying the color palette in order to be perfectly matched not only among papers and fabrics of the same collection, but among most of the product signed by Agena.

The Style Centre continues to work alongside Pininfarina and other symbols of Italian design to offer new solutions and to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Every year, two new collections are created, while all the previous ones are still available, providing a production that lasts over time and is not limited to just a single season.


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