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New stars meet old friends at COR

Brand story

COR Sitzmöbel


With its sculptural new Nook sofa as well as new additions to the Jalis and Shrimp collections, German brand COR presents a vision for 2023, and proves that it's not always necessary for designs to be completely new. Watch the video to learn more…

The maximum resides in the minimum

COR Sitzmöbel


Reduced and elegant at the same time – Noto chair and easy chair.

Better Together: COR Lab

Brand story

Simon Keane-Cowell


When it came to developing an innovative new furniture programme to address the increasingly collaborative way we're choosing to work, premium furniture brand COR developed a collaborative creative model. This is COR Lab.

COR-Preis 2010

COR Sitzmöbel


Formgebung und Gestaltung beeinflussen unser gesamtes Leben und damit auch das Wohnen als Grundbedürfnis des Menschen. Der COR-Preis fördert die kontinuierliche Berichterstattung über diesen Themenkreis.