Another fashion store? Not at all. This is Showroom. The designer´s hub in the centre of Prague.
Introducing Showroom. - a collaborative project, workshop, design studio and store all in one. Located at Klimentská 3, it closely connects 7 designers from various fields of fashion, whose products all complement each other. Showroom. offers its clients an outstanding opportunity to meet the designers of their favourite brands, get specialist advice, or order tailor-made pieces.

The Showroom. interior is a reflection of the unique concept behind the brands – simplicity, purity of design, fusion of different brands and mutual communication.

Architecturally, the concept is symbolised by one continuous black line meandering through the spacious interior and connecting the designers into a notional unity. The line is made of a light metal construction which enables a display of the design by adapting it´s character to the needs of each author.

The importance of interaction is emphasized in the way Showroom. was built. The space was fully opened and uncluttered leaving only the beautiful historical construction. Smaller rooms are connected by huge sliding doors providing the possibility to have the area fully open. This way, the store is visually connected with the workshops and therefore offers Showroom. visitors a unique experience while participating in Showroom. activities.

Zuzana Hartlova