Humans have always been drawn to mirrors. In nature we find the most beautiful and natural mirrors in the form of lakes or in smaller scale in form of puddles. Both natural mirrors and flat glass mirrors are two-dimensional and just reflect the opposite of what stands in front of them. The three-dimensional formed mirror is the attempt to take this further, a combination of functionality with a sense of spatial reference .

A three-dimensional formed mirror.

Emerging from its direct surroundings.
Transforming gently from material to image.
Blurring lines between architecture and product.
Functional yet sculptural.

With its three-dimensional design, this mirror encompasses its immediate surroundings instead of only reflecting its opposite. The wall on which it hangs appears at the borders first before wrapping around a corner and flattening off to become a functional mirror.
The mirror becomes a sculptural piece, an object with character and a beauty which speaks of its environment while still remaining functional.

Material: PETG, spiegelbeschichtet
Size: 300x400x75mm

Design team:

Uli Budde