The fil rouge of the initiative is the story of the journey of water through rock. This precious element is analysed in the process of passing into the subsoil layers, where it is enriched with minerals and returns to the surface rich in beneficial properties. A true miracle of nature which, here, becomes experience. Inspired by this magic, THDP develops a collection of floor ceramics and wallcoverings, a real journey; where the tones of the earth fade into those of water and, through concentric circles between sulphurous vapours and fragrances that evoke the sea, lead to the source, where the water comes out transformed.

The concept was inspired by the Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination project, in which THDP redesigned the interior. The thermal baths have been present for over 3,000 years, thanks to the millenary natural spring that makes them unique.

Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination has dedicated its large spaces to authentic wellness: the 120- hectare property offers 5 outdoor thermal pools, whirlpools, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, and an award-winning spa. Lulled by hot water at 37.5 °C and the sounds of Maremma nature.

Inside the stand, THDP wanted to recreate the atmosphere of this place as accurately as possible, using a holistic approach to achieve wellbeing as balance and harmony of the senses – a necessary condition of creative thinking and design – and it did so thanks to the valuable contributions of several partner companies.

Among these are Sodai, who produced and supplied tiles for the floors and totems, inspired by the stratifications and the journey of water. Ci.ti.elle, with splendid fabrics that represent the concentric centres of the water. Gomiero, with LED lights and a chandelier also present inside Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination, which creates the water-reflection effect. Il Giardino di Legno, who provided the seats, armchairs and coffee table. Scent Company - Olfactory Branding, who have created a diffuser and fragrance that recalls the smell of water. Ramiro Contract, who took care of the totem details through metal trays positioned in the upper sections.

Faro Barcelona provided the fans positioned in the centre of the installation that recreate the effect of moving water, and finally, Jannelli & Volpi produced the wallpaper that was designed by THDP and inspired by natural textures. A yoga for the mind that takes visitors to a parallel dimension.

Cersaie and Archincont(r)act
Cersaie is the foremost international event for designers of ceramic and other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings. The show’s importance is demonstrated by the presence of more than 112,000 attendees, half of whom are international visitors from all over the world.

Cersaie lasts 5 days in which leading companies from 26 countries and architects, designers, contractors and retailers will be able to meet and start doing business again. It will be a commercial hub, about 600 stands to visit, thousands of preview products that anticipate the trends in the field of surfaces, bathroom furnishings, design and planning. It will also be a moment of encounter and discussion.

Archincont(r)act is the name of the location/event where manufacturers, designers, retailers and clients could meet the people who create the world’s trend-setting architecture.

Archincont(r)act is a unique occasion bringing together the world of architectural design with leading manufacturers, international industry professionals and the world’s top contractors.

Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination
120 hectares of wellbeing where a centuries-old spring gushes a water unique to the world, very powerful at the foot of a medieval village. Here stands the Terme di Saturnia resort which, with over 100 years of hospitality, has seen illustrious guests, loyal customers, people from all over the world. Unique in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, an icon in the world of hospitality and wellness, where excellence and professionalism in services, attention to detail and contact with nature are the secret of a long history of success.

A 5-star Resort affiliated to “The Leading Hotels of the World”, “Starhotels Collezione” and “Virtuoso”; a refined gastronomic offer with Il 1919 Restaurant and La Stellata | Trattoria; The SPA & Beauty Clinic with 53 award-winning booths with innovative spa and beauty treatments, massages and medical consultations; The Thermal Park, a path of thermal water and nature, one of the largest in Europe; The Club, dedicated to members or external guests who also wish to access the source and facilities of the Resort; Golf, an Eco-Friendly 18-hole championship course of 6,316 meters over 70 hectares, designed by the well-known American architect Ronald Fream; the Thermal Cosmetic Line.

Design team: