• Maui Blue 1

    Maui Blue 1


A stunning livingroom design in a private house in Delbrück, Germany. The modern furniture and the scenographic effect of three Dècora LED decorative panels are the main features of this project created and realized by Christian Schuster for Freiraum Planungsbüro and Heinz Schuster Innenausbau GmbH. The decorative panels with Dècora LED technology - the patented led-integrated lighting system by Tecnografica - become decorative bright elements that light up the whole room. The plays of colored light and the lush green of the outdoor garden are reflected by wide mirrors, which divide the livingroom from the rest of the house, creating a peaceful and cozy space to enjoy with family and friends. The selected graphic for the Dècora LED panels is "Maui Blue" from the Super Preziosi collection: with all its color variants, "Maui Blue" furtherly enhances the elegance of the room. Project and photos by Christian Schuster for Freiram Planungsbüro and Heinz Schuster Innenausbau GmbH: www.freiraum.info - www.schuster.eu


Christian Schuster

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