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Located in Tokyo's distinctive Nishi-Shinjuku high-rise district, MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower contains 3 vocational schools with approximately 10,000 students.
The innovative shape and cutting edge façade embodies our unique "Cocoon" concept. Embraced within this incubating form, students are inspired to create, grow and transform. The site's limited size challenged us to develop a new
typology for educational architecture. Three story high atrium lounges, located in three different directions, east, southwest and northwest between each classroom area, is what we call the “Student Lounge”, a new type of “schoolyard”. These lounges, offering students a comfortable place to relax and communicate, provide an innovative solution for educational architecture in densely populated cities.


Mode Gakuen

Design team:

Tange Associates

Project partners:

Construction: Shimizu corporation

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