The 'Pineta by Visionnaire' project represents an innovative collaboration between Visionnaire and architect Marco Lucchi to transform the famous Club Pineta in Milano Marittima into a nightlife venue of luxury and glamour. The inauguration of the club in 2010 under the name 'Pineta by Visionnaire' marks the first time that a luxury design brand in the entertainment sector in the nightlife, with the ambition to expand to various entertainment capitals worldwide.

The club's design and atmosphere were conceived to offer a seductive and cosy experience, similar to the lobby of a luxury hotel. The club space has been designed for multifunctional use, where the dance floor is flanked by large, bright tables dedicated to the conversation and comfort of customers who prefer to spend the entire evening in the club without necessarily dancing.

The club's entrance features a large visionary iron gate that hides imposing crystal doors with steel panther-tail handles. Inside, the ceiling is adorned with long, extraordinary crystal chandeliers, while tables are separated by glass cases containing curtains that mix punk chains and iridescent crystals. The use of soft and beautiful velvet contributes to softening the overall ambience.

The bathrooms are clad with semi-precious marble, giving them a touch of luxury and refinement. The DJ console is completely covered in beautiful superlative mother-of-pearl, adding an element of glamour and prestige. The animation of the club is enhanced by steel cubes and retro-lacquered glass tops, surrounded by oval polished steel gates.

This pilot project aims to redefine the nightlife entertainment experience by introducing a new concept of multifunctional spaces and a luxury aesthetic in line with the Visionnaire brand. The ambition is to expand to several entertainment capitals around the world, bringing this new vision of luxury clubs to other prestigious destinations.

  • True Mother-of-pearl Superlativa® 8001AGWA

    True Mother-of-pearl Superlativa® 8001AGWA