L+L house is a housing project, located in Tanah Teduh compleks. Tanah Teduh is a colaboration project with 8 Indonesian Architect to design 20 houses on 2Ha site and Studio TonTon design one of the houses. The main concept is to keep and response the existing site condition.
Light+Light house, a house which light and full of light. With a concept to create a light and open house, louvre and glass create a light ambience that blend indoor and outdoor space, bring the nature inside the building and blend it into one.
Sunlight penetrate through the gap to the wood louvre, spreading inside the space, create a dramatic shadow effect. Two existing and productive tree (rambutan and guava tree) still maintained, penetrate and stood in the middle of working room and living room. The architecture caving in, as an action to respect the existing site condition.
Access to the main entrance is directed through the side of the building, with a walking proccess above a grill bridge which flying above the pond. The space experient is build from walking in a 2.5 meter width coridor and follows by a 2-storey-height bangkirai wood louvre.
The building mass divide into 2 parts, according to the room function grouping, create a 2-storey-height gap that allows sunlight and natural wind penetrate into the building and reduce heat. A pond, act as a water element with natural concept (river and natural river stone), lying in the middle of 2 building mass. The pond create natural ambience inside. The pond reflect the natural light that falls through wood louvre, create reflective light effect on exposed concrete wall. The presence of exposed concrete wall inside the coridor act as a comparator and strenghten the lightness of wood louvre on the other side.
Louvre also used as the bathroom wall to create outdoor ambience in the bathroom. Guava tree which stood in the middle bathroom area become an unique natural element. Privacy of the bathroom maintain with an additional milky acrylic which overlap between wood louvre.Privacy for the building was created with a plant layer on the fasade. This element can keep the privacy, but it don't blocking the view from inside to outside. The decision to used a plant layer also show an interaction the building with its surroundings.

Owner: PT. Casa Jati Padang

Architects: Antony Liu + Ferry Ridwan / Studio TonTon
Design Principals : Antony Liu + Ferry Ridwan / Studio TonTon
Architect's Team : Ivan Susanto and Azhar Efendi

Interior Designer: Studio TonTon

Landscape: Puri Gajah Nursery and Landscape
Contractor: PT. Griya Kreasi
Structure: PT. Hersub Konsultan Struktur 

M&E: PT. Makesthi Enggal Engineering

Lighting: Studio TonTon