FRAGILE FUTURE III (FF3) is a modular system combining nature and technology in a tender balance. The 3-Dimensional bronze electronical circuits contain luminous dandelion seed heads and bolt together to form a power circuit overgrowing walls, floors and ceilings, forming sculptures and chandeliers.
The dandelions that we harvest in fields and the precise handwork and patience that is needed, combining the industrial production process, like lasercutting and the craftsmanship of which the metal is bent with 15 different moulds, gives rise to an image that is understood and evokes emotions by anyone.
We can connect each module in unlimited ways to the next module, while electricity keeps on running. Fragile Future can become part of architecture in many different ways, we can adapt the FF3 in the most suitable form, be it a suspension, wall.

Materials: real dandelion seeds, LEDs, Phosphorusbronze
Dimensions: variable. one modular part 21x21x10,5cm - one module includes 3 dandelions

In collaboration with the Carpenters Workshop Gallery