For the front office counter of the new headquarters of Poziello Evoluzione Legno Sri in Naples, Italy, architects Roberto Mallardo and Gerry Bova envisaged a statement design that would act as the main interior element of the ground floor. On a practical level, the counter was also to be the organisational engine for the company, which deals in semi-finished timber products. The full-length, 14-metre-long counter, fronted with Staron Solid Surface in Ocean View, is gently back-lit to accentuate the material's transparency and subtle gradations of tone. This soft glow also offers a warm welcome to customers, suppliers, and architects on entry. The use of soft and subtle back-lighting, as implemented here, is yet another innovative way in which the versatility, durability, and beauty of Staron Solid Surface material can become a stellar centrepiece in any commercial interior.


Roberto Mallardo
Gerry Bova