The COVID-19 pandemic totally redefined the very core of our world and people are nowadays looking for innovative ways to keep each other safe. With people working from home, in-person interactions have been limited for quite a while, which begs the following questions: Will there ever be conference meetings where you get to sit face-to-face with the other party instead of sharing a screen? Will you ever get to brainstorm with different teams under the same roof? The answer is yes.

The award-winning Care-free Zone with STARON is the solution to all of these problems and more. This S-shaped workstation is the perfect way to conduct face-to-face gatherings without ever having to come in contact with the other party!

The design of this flexible meeting space consists of two separate seating modules with a clear partition with a window in-between. It’s super adaptable, compact, and modular. Moreover, the standalone design of this meeting space has widespread usage options. It can be featured in a number of spaces, including agile offices, coworking areas, modern restaurants, mall food courts, and more. Its commutable design ensures that it can be set up anywhere and everywhere that you want or need.

However, the real star of the show in the Care-free Zone’s design is actually the material that it’s been finished in. Made of natural minerals, STARON is a resin-based material that resembles the elegance and resilience of its naturally quarried counterparts. Moreover, it is totally non-porous, which means that it’s absolutely hygienic - it simply needs to be wiped off for maintenance and does not require any extra hassles.

Additionally, STARON is incredibly flexible; while it has all the visual qualities of a stone, it can also be worked like hardwood. Its application on the S-shaped module is seamless and completely homogenous - it neatly curves around the edges of the Care-free Zone, ensuring easy installation. You can also customize the finish and choose your STARON in Bright White, Terrazzo, Supreme or other hues and patterns.

At the end of the day, the Care-free Zone with STARON offers a highly unique and safe interactive option, whose design has been introduced at just the right time. It’s hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, and makes in-person meetings absolutely secure for both parties.

Design Team

Lotte Chemical - Advanced Design team

Project Partners

Adaption Inc., South Korea

  • Solid Bright White

    Solid Bright White


  • Supreme Dawn

    Supreme Dawn


  • Terrazzo Venezia

    Terrazzo Venezia


  • Solid Pure white

    Solid Pure white