Symbolic of the innovative character of the APE Grupo , the building facade highlights their utmost ethics and beliefs. Exhibiting an eye-catchy and stunning facade character, the building tends to seamlessly protrude out of the local landscape and surroundings. The subtle juxtaposition of the building function with its aesthetics is what makes this landmark stand firm on the panorama of the Onda city in Spain.

The concept of the building facade is quite phenomenal. The intriguing orthogonal lines tend to break the monotony with their oblique and uneven lines to create a dramatic experience outdoors. This building facade has been designed keeping in mind the aspects of functionality, practicality, and innovation. Thus, likewise is the conceptualization for the facade materials. Amalgamating the durable glass with solid Staron surfaces, the office building exhibits an ultra-modern, high-tech, and contemporary perspective of the building.

Staron surfaces are known for utmost strength, durability, and aesthetics. This acrylic-based material is composed of natural minerals with a notable non-porous surface that makes an excellent option for the exterior wall cladding. Moreover, this material has a three-dimensional appeal which gives the designer and architect an extended platform for showcasing their creativity and innovation. This material genuinely makes them push the boundaries for designing and thinking outside the box when designing the exteriors of this office building. At the same time, the versatile and timeless Staron solid surface is a verified suitable material for exterior cladding under the European regulations like the ETA certificate for Staron exterior cladding with Keil undercut anchor system.

From extraordinary exteriors to astonishing interiors, the office building, on the whole, offers a seamless, comfortable, and world-class experience to the employees and visitors. The clean and crisp joint and perspective add on a detailed character to the interiors of the building. Moreover, ample natural light flourishes indoors to exhibit a warm, positive, and welcoming vibe at all times. At the same time, the Staron exterior panels offer a sense of privacy and security in the office building.

Staron solid Bright White helps achieve a simple and minimalist look on the exterior of the contemporary-style office building. Sharing synonyms with sophistication, the exteriors are bound to grab the attention of the neighbor walking by. Moreover, during the nighttime, the artificial light casts shadows and patterns on the facade as well as the adjacent walkways to further enhance the curb appeal.

The architectural firm in charge of the APE Grupo Logistics Office project is G3 Construcciones that are based out of Castellón , in Spain. They are also in charge of the showroom project at the Castellón headquarters which is another major landmark on the portfolio of our company. This office building undeniably sets a milestone and a design inspiration for the upcoming generation of architects and designers looking to innovatively carve building exteriors.


G3 Construcciones

Project Partner

APE Grupo

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APE Grupo

  • Solid Bright White

    Solid Bright White