“Fiskebaren” is a new fish restaurant located in the former industrial meatpacking district in central Copenhagen.
The menu is innovative but informal concentrating on local, ecological and fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere is both intimate and metropolitan.
The whole area and its buildings are in the process of gradual transformation from an industrial to a cultural purpose.
To protect the heritage a number of restrictions define limitations on how the individual sites can be transformed.

Taking this into serious consideration the Architectonic approach has been a method of careful and precise removal.
Working with a refinement of existing surfaces recognizing their abstract qualities removed from original purpose and redefined by a new, but not alien, set of aesthetics.
New structures have been build and clad with elements ready for demolition originating from building components found around the district.

The ambition was to provide a setting combining traces of former history with an urban and eclectic sense of industrial poetry - integrating motifs of water and fish referring to the gastronomical program of the restaurant.

So amidst broken tiles and torn ceilings You will find Round aquariums with Jellyfish from the North Atlantic and light bouncing of water surfaces projecting dancing reflections onto surfaces.

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