Russia’s leading sports retailer A3 Retail Group appointed Rosie Lee to design the brand identity and retail design for their new multi-brand specialist running store in Moscow. A3 were looking for us to create an engaging high level destination for runners of all abilities, emphasising the company’s running expertise and retail pedigree. The range of work spanned multiple elements, including naming, logo, concept and retail development.

Our concept was to create a brand name that conveyed a confident attitude to life. The name Stride was chosen for its duality of movement, symbolising an easy transition into running. The logo is based on the negative space of the running gait evoking a sense of movement even when static. Movement visually flows through every aspect of the visual identity to the store design, with a layered, wooden panel ceiling installation embodying a wave of movement attracting the consumer’s eyes leading them throughout the store. The window display and interior design set a premium tone with urban influences, highlighted by the impressive Stride logo set into a concrete wall. Moveable fixtures and fittings create an adaptable and readily updatable retail space.

Our retail design principles created a consumer journey designed to excite both beginner and experienced runners by creating a social aspect to the Stride brand experience, encouraging people to repeat visit and most importantly share their positive experience with others. We did this through a Community Wall, where local running routes and running style inspiration can be discovered.

We also considered the importance of consumers propagating Stride’s reach by making highly sharable visual moments a permanent feature - the multi-faceted concrete wall by the entrance and social space outside are both perfect for post run selfies.

The unveiling of Stride was a huge success for A3 Sports. Over the past few years running has become one of the most popular sports among young men and women in Moscow, and Stride has become an authentic part of an exciting community. The store has become a hub for running crews in Moscow, including the Stride running club, with sessions arranged around the store through Stride’s social media, word of mouth and the in store community wall.

A3 Retail Group

Rosie Lee