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“We are used to always choosing the best quality and Pratic is the top for us”. Mr. Roberto Romano loves to be direct and thus tells his experience with the outdoor world adapted specifically for his restaurant. We are talking about Hostaria Alla Tavernetta, one of the most appreciated restaurants in Udine thanks to well-kept spaces and a top-level food and wine proposal. A successful family business, given that alongside Mr. Roberto there is Mrs. Giuliana Petris and their son Matteo. The project, for them, is ambitious from the beginning or 17 years ago when Mr. Roberto and Mrs. Giuliana immediately enter into harmony with the Friulian tradition, both aesthetic and good food, and aim at making this old historic tavern a meeting place to move with the times. In the kitchen there is the rule of quality accompanied by some secrets that, as such, cannot be revealed. On the other hand, the challenge was to find an outdoor structure able to offer protection from the sun’s rays, but also from light rain typical of spring and autumn. The architectural context is rich in personality and a solution that enhances it is the request made by the property to the architect Mr. Stefano Carlutti. “We wanted to provide our customers the opportunity to have lunch or dinner outside, as the street in which we are based is in the historic centre and enjoys a pleasant tranquillity. At the same time, we were not only interested in a cover, but rather in a gesture of attention for all those who choose our restaurant”. This is why the T-Hide extendable arm awnings in a refined ivory colour have almost immediately represented the ideal solution, thanks to their pure aesthetics and technical features that allow them to close perfectly – when not used – and become a real architectural sign that makes the external wall of Hostaria La Tavernetta even more precious. Moreover, a very important advantage for daily use and maintenance, the T-Hide box contains all the technology and the fabric of the awning. A compendium of aesthetic and rational design typical of the Pratic philosophy.

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