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    Royal White


You could almost say that the eye is also being treated - but in Dr Sondra Aull-Glusa's practice, the focus is clearly on orthodontics. The minimalist, transparent design inspires with its intelligent division of functions, warm tonality and discreet visual highlights.

A spacious entrance, minimalist design language, complemented by the stylish combination of floor coverings in concrete look, warm white and oak as well as accents in mint and rosé. Upon entering the Dr. Aull practice, it immediately becomes clear: someone has thought about this and reinterpreted the concept of "practice". The result is a light-flooded, restrained and coherent concept that consistently separates public and internal areas - and shows visitors appreciation and warmth.

The jury of the ZWP Design Prize also found this concept to be a success, awarding Dr. Aull's practice the title of "Germany's Most Beautiful Dental Practice" in 2021. Among other things, the jury stated that the practice proves that "minimalist design, function and an atmosphere that makes work enjoyable are not mutually exclusive.

Dr. Aull-Gluse and interior designer Düpmann opted for Pfleiderer wood-based materials in order to ensure that the design of Dr. Aull's practice remains of the desired high quality. For the white shade, the choice fell on U11209 Edelweiss, which is used across all trades on furniture, work surfaces and wall panelling. This is where the Pfleiderer DST system shows one of its great strengths. This is because the colour is not only available in the same decor as Duropal HPL and the Duropal composite elements that are also used. It can also be combined with the filigree SD Sandpearl structure, which makes an important contribution to the overall impression of the design as a noble matt surface. The same applies to the wood tone, which runs through the practice as a lively accent. On the X-ray cube, it is realised with real wood staves, while Pfleiderer's Lindberg oak decor with the fascinating XMSM XTreme Matt surface is used for furniture and interior fittings. XTreme Matt impresses with a look of enormous colour transparency and depth - and a pleasantly warm, velvety soft feel. While the matt, low-reflection surface has a particularly noble effect, the structure proves to be resilient, durable and easy to clean. The warm, "soft" surface invites you to touch it - and remains insensitive to fingerprints or traces of grease.


Christiane Düpmann, NWD GmbH, Münster

Project Partners

Kappler GmbH & Co. KG, Pfalzgrafenweiler

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