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An exhibition as a total work of art
At the “Parametric Tower Research” Show by Zaha Hadid in Cologne, an exciting dialogue is created between exhibits and exhibition architecture.
Models, plans and multimedia presentations illustrate the work of Zaha Hadid Architects to develop a new high-rise typology. It is only a few years since Zaha Hadid turned its attention to high-rise buildings. The exhibition documents its designs for Europe and Asia with projects in Marseilles, Milan, Barcelona, Bilbao, Bratislava, Beijing and Singapore.
A special feature of the show is the interaction between the items exhibited and how they are presented in the room. The classic room elements of floor, wall and ceiling merge with tables and pedestals to create a black and white setting especially developed for the room. objectflor supplied the material for the artistically designed floor. The black rubber floor covering, ARTIGO MULTIFLOOR ND-UNI, creates a truly special atmosphere. With the white amorphous forms placed on the floor, the floor covering forms a connection between the exhibited models, display tables and wall design. The exhibition can be seen at the AIT ArchitekturSalon in Cologne until 8 March and then travels to Hamburg, Munich and Rotterdam.

AIT ArchitekturSalon Köln

Zaha Hadid Architects, Hamburg

Ausführung: HJT Hans-Josef Thiesen, Köln
Technische Beratung: objectflor, Köln

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