• Eyes Lounge Wood Base Armchair

    Eyes Lounge Wood Base Armchair

    Fredericia Furniture

MoreySmith stripped back an impressive 60,000sq ft. Edwardian baroque building for a complete redesign of the interior space across six levels, including a mezzanine, a loft and rooftop garden. The double-height reception area is designed to capture the buzz from the café above and split-level staircases encourage people to use the stairs, rather than the lifts.

The office was designed to celebrate Coca-Cola’s iconic heritage, whilst underlining the brand’s ability to diversify. The essence of the brand is inherent throughout the building, with its heritage reflected in the use of Coca-Cola red and memorabilia.

The layout encourages the workplace journey to move vertically through the building, creating a sociable environment for team happiness and well-being, with uplifting and comfortable spaces for staff and visitors to work, meet, collaborate and socialise. The concept ensures links between heritage and contemporary, with the use of quirky levels to connect the front part of the building to the main office space at the back.

Specifics: Four storey office covering 66,000 sq. ft.



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